An Artistic Exploration: Gathering and Evaluating Resources for your Podcast, Digital Poster or Photo Essay

The Big Picture


van Gogh

Welcome!! This website will help you to locate and evaluate the six resources requirements you will need to use to create your list of fun/interesting facts about your artist. Finding the information you want to include in your photo essay, digital poster, or podcast is the first step towards completing your final project. As you gather information try to keep the big picture in mind:


How will you use this information in your final project?



Other questions to think about:

  • What type of message are you trying to communicate to your class? 
  • What type of information do you need to provide about your artist?

The idea for your final project is totally up to you. You could choose to approach your project as:

  • a storyteller,
  • a biographer,
  • a news reporter, or
  • any other angle

as long as you run it by me or your teacher first.


The main goal of this project is for you to have fun gathering, reading, analyzing, extracting, synthesizing, and creating your project all while using technology.



Here is a brief review of the specific software we will be using for the final projects:

  • Photo Essays: PowerPoint or Microsoft Photo Story. Add images, voiceovers,   graphics, text and a soundtrack.
  • Digital Posters:
  • Podcasts: Audacity software and other basics
  • Adobe Photoshop to edit images or pictures


I have included some of my favorite artists throughout the website. Mouse over the pictures for the Artist's Name and movement they belong to. Enjoy!


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