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What are bats exactly? Elementary school students will discover the exciting world of the flying mammal through books and Web resources. The lesson is designed to be taught collaboratively with a science teacher, and is a component of a class unit on bats. The lesson features a buILder component. Students will go through the Web-based resource to compile information for a field guide on bats.

Goals & Objectives:

Instructional Goals:

·        Students will learn about bats from print and electronic resources

·        Students will use technology to produce a report on bats

·        Students will take their prior knowledge and build upon it through research


Learning Objectives: 

·        Students will find pictures of bats and draw a cover for their field guide on bats

·        Students will answer questions located in their field guides

·        Students will cite where they obtained their information

·        Students will share what they learned with each other


Motivational Goals:




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