My Favorite Bug!

Presented by: Tracy Sparent

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Elementary school teacher and SLMS will work collaboratively on the unit. The unit is meant to introduce students to science and information literacy skills through the exploration of bugs and insects, and will be taught over the course of three class periods. Students will be introduced to basic internet search skills through the use of a teacher led online buILder lesson which will help them locate information about bugs and insects. Once they have been introduced to the lesson, students will be asked to choose their favorite bug based on a list their teacher has provided of the bugs they will be studying in class. They will then break into small groups to locate three facts within the buILder about that bug. Students will then work on a simple cut-out or coloring page of that bug that they can use when they present their facts to the class.

Goals & Objectives:

Instructional Goals:


Learning Objectives:


Motivational Goals:


Online information literacy lesson in buILder - link below.





SLMS will introduce the topic by tossing several stuffed bugs to the students.  Once the props have helped to introduce the topic, the SLMS will ask the students a few questions to see what they may or may not already know, such as: Who knows how many different kinds of bugs there are?


When this activity is completed, the SLMS will then begin to introduce the students to the buILder quest.



Body: SLMS gives an indepth lesson on how to use the buILder quest to find information.  As this is a new skill for students of this age, it is important that they feel confident in their ability to master this task, therefore the class will spend much of the first session moving around in the buILder site until students feel comfortable and at ease.  Once the SLMS feels that the students are secure and confident in their ability to move around within the buILder, she/he will then introduce the task that the students will need to perform. 

The buILder will provide the students with the web resources they will need to find their three facts to share with the class.  At this point the students will be placed in small groups based on their choice of their favorite bug or insect.  The SMLS will continue to move around the room while the students work in their groups, helping them move around within the appointed web resources when needed.



Conclusion:  Students will have the rest of the class period to explore the buILder.  This topic will take several class periods to complete.  The next period should be spent locating and writing down the three facts required of the task.  Then the students will have time to choose a coloring page or small craft associated with their bug of choice that they may work on to accompany their information.  Once they tasks are complete, the groups will present the information they found to the rest of the class.


Learning Assessment Methods:

�The SLMS and the classroom teacher will work collaboratively with the students to ensure that they have the support and assistance that they need

�At the end of each class, students will have an opportunity to ask any additional questions regarding the task to ensure that they are on track.

�Students will answer questions and share what they have found, at the end of the period to show that they understood the task.

�Students will present their findings to the class at the end of the project in the form of an oral presentation. This will show that they understood the task and that they were able to use the buILder.

�The ability to work in groups will be assessed by the teachers.

�The ability to use buILder will be observed and assessed by the teachers.