Aboriginal Inspired Storytelling Paintings (Generating Ideas)

Presented by: Shannan Liberto

Subject Area(s):

Grade Level(s):


Students will use authentic Aboriginal symbols in order to create both a written and visual story.

Goals & Objectives:

Students will recognize symbols within two aboriginal paintings.


Students will use the art elements shape and line in order to create a visual representation of a written story.



~Student and Teacher Painting Examples

~Aboriginal Examples

~Symbols Worksheet

~Sketch/Story Worksheet

~Pencils, Erasers and Colored Pencils



Aboriginal Art.  Didges We Doo.  Retrieved March 2, 2008 from http://www.didgeswedoo.com.au/aboriginal-2.html.

Aboriginal Iconography.  (2006). Jinta Desert Art.  Retrieved March 3, 2007 from http://www.jintaart.com.au/iconography/iconhmpg.htm.



~Introduce the project by showing teacher and student examples of Aboriginal inspired paintings.

~Pass out the symbols worksheet.

~Show students two authentic Aboriginal paintings and have the students find the symbols within them.

~Go over the idea worksheet and directions.  Allow students to ask any questions they may have.

~Students work to complete the worksheet and use the symbols sheet to create their own Aboriginal inspired story.

~Students can add color to their design if time allows.


Grade worksheet based on the following criteria:

~Did the students include at least three symbols in their story?

~Is their written story 3-6 sentences long?

~Do the symbols in their written story match up with the symbols drawn?

~Do the symbols fill the box in an interesting way? (Composition)

Supporting Files: