Poems We Love!

Presented by: Kaye Kerr

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A library media specialist and fourth grade teacher will work together to teach this literacy lesson that helps students begin to locate poems they love, determine these poems' endearing characteristics, recommend poems to their classmates, and select new poetry books to read based on both personal interests and classmates' recommendations. At the conclusion of this lesson, students will choose poetry books to bring back to the classroom to read during reading workshop and to use as mentor texts as they craft their own poems during subsequent writing workshop lessons. This lesson can be taught in one longer block or can be broken up over the course of two days. It is designed to be the first in a series of language arts lessons that form a poetry unit in which students choose favorite poems, study techniques used within these poems, and apply these techniques to their own writing.

Goals & Objectives:

Instructional Goals:

·       Students will explore a variety of poems and will know where to find the poems they love for future use.     

·       Students will analyze the merits of poems they love as they begin to think about the techniques they would like to use in their own writing.

·       Students will collaborate with their peers to gain an appreciation of various poetic interests.

·       Students will find additional poetry books to explore based on personal preferences and interests.

Learning Objectives:

Motivational Goals:

  • Students will demonstrate an interest in poetry during the lesson and throughout the future.
  • Students will become confident in their poetry reading and analysis skills


Please lesson plan under "Supporting Files."


Please see lesson plan under "Supporting Files."


Please see lesson plan under "Supporting Files."

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