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Civil War Battles in Photos and News articles
The Teacher Librarian (TL) and Social Studies teacher will work together on this unit. Eleventh graders will research different Civil War battles through photos and newspaper articles.
Students will work in pairs using the American Memory Collection, the Historical NY Times, and the Ken Burns The Civil War site. Final projects will be PowerPoint presentations done in the "Ken Burns" style, combining archival photos with narration.
Goals & Objectives:

Instructional Goals:

Students will

  • Efficiently locate information on a selected topic from a variety of Internet sources.
  • Integrate information into a cohesive presentation.
  • Students will learn more about their battle as well as other battles as a result of the presentations.
  • Students will cite their sources.Work together in teams to complete the project.


Learning Objectives:

Students will be able to

  • Find five images related to their Civil War battle on the American Memory site.
  • Find two maps relating to their battle on the American Memory site.
  • Find three newspaper articles about their battle using the Historical NY Times database.
  • Find two pieces of additional information for their presentation on the Ken Burn’s The Civil War site.
  • Present their findings in images, the written word, and the spoken word, using PowerPoint.
  • Students will create a slide that properly cites the three sites used in the lesson as well as any other sources.
  • Work as a positive and contributing member of their team.


Motivational Goals:

  • To increase students’ confidence in their researching abilities and in being able to disseminate and present information.
  • Maintain or increase students’ excitement about the research process.
  • Promote students’ view of themselves as researchers.
Materials & Sources:
See attached lesson plan in Supporting Files
See attached lesson plan in Supporting Files
See attached lesson plan in Supporting Files
LMS and Social Studies teacher
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Presented By: Natalie Panshin
Collaborative: LMS and Social Studies teacher
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