How Dangerous is Dihydrogen Monoxide?
Research Question
Project Task
Information Search Process
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Each of the websites you've looked at so far has a clear bias about DHMO.  Go to and search for more information from a source that doesn't have a bias on this topic.  

While you read and study the information in wikipedia, keep in mind these three questions:
  1. Who wrote the information?
  2. What authority or special knowledge does the author have?  If the site is credited to an organization, what do you know about that organization?
  3. What bias or slant do you detect in the source?  What does it say that indicates a bias?
What new information did you learn about dihydrogen monoxide in wikipedia?

After you read the information in wikipedia, again write one of these statements in the top margin of your paper:
  • Dihydrogen monoxide should be banned.
  • Dihydrogen monoxide should not be banned.
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