Doing It By the Book - How to Shepardize Without Using a Computer
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How to Shepardize

All attorneys know that it is important to Shepardize their cases.  With today's legal resources, such as Lexis, available on the internet, it is easier than ever to Shepardize. 


But is it a wise move to rely solely on Lexis for your Shepardizing skills?  Unfortunately, the answer is a resounding NO!   


Believe it or not, Lexis crashes from time to time and isn't available or perhaps you are trying to use it outside of your office and don't have that darn ID number memorized (trust me, the Lexis people don't give ID numbers out over the phone).  Even worse you could be in a location that doesn't have access to Lexis.  What do you do then?  You turn to the books. 


It is important to know how to Shepardize using a book just in case one of the above scenarios happens to you (and as improbable as it sounds, I guarantee you will meet someone that has had this happen to them). For this assignment, you will Shepardize a case using only the Shepard's citator volumes and pamphlets.  Instructions on how to do this are available on the next screen.  


Your assigned case name is on your worksheet.  Use the Supreme Court of the United States website to locate the case citation and then begin to Shepardize the case.  Here is a hint, if you can't find the case cite database on the court's website, you can find a link to it under the Resources section. 


Once you have your citation, you can move onto the next screen.  Good luck! 



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