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Cows That Type !?!
#1: Answer!
#2: Who wrote this?
#3: What else did she write?
#4: Who made the pictures?
#5: Read "Click Clack Moo, Cows That Type"
All images, sounds and links in this buILder were
acquired and used solely for educational purposes.

Free sound effects were downloaded from the following sites:
    Free Sound Effects

    ·    Water splash sound


J. Hepple, Inc.  Fx Sound and Magic

·    Cow moo
·    Typewriter return

Free animated clipart images were downloaded from the following site:
    Animation Library

·    Cow
·    Cow - side to side
·    Worm coming out of hole.
·    Duck in pond
·    Typewriter

Free clipart was downloaded from
Teacher Files.Com, largest free teacher clipart collection on the web!

·    picture of farmer on tractor

Web Sites Referenced within buILder:

Doreen Cronin official web page:
· (books and cover images) 
· (photograph)
· (biography)

Betsy Lewin:
· (biography)
· (books)

Harry Bliss

· (biography)
· (books)

Scott Menchin

· (biography)
· (books)

Cornerstones Building Blocks to Literacy:

    Hypertext version of Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type




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