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The Great Gatsby Gazette
Information Task
Notes to Teacher
The Great Gatsby
Project Specifications

Each group will choose 5 topics on which to write a newspaper article.  One article must pertain to the life of the author, F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Suggestions for topics:

The Jazz Age
The “Roaring 20’s”
Fashions of the 1920’s                                          
Forms of entertainment in the 1920’s
Auto industry news
Symbolism in The Great Gatsby


Check the Resources Page for suggestions for online sources of information.  Print resources can be found in the school library collection. 

Within each group, each person will choose a topic of his/her choosing on which to write an article.  One must pertain to the life of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Each group will decide how to choose the person who writes about the author (volunteer, draw straws, etc).

Each article must be cited correctly, using APA citation format.

In addition, the group must write an editorial on the topic, “Jay Gatsby’s pursuit of happiness”. It must address how his money, lifestyle, social standing, and success contributed or detracted from his happiness.

The articles and editorial must be put together in a newspaper-like format for submission. The names of each group member should appear as a byline.

A Works Cited page must be included, separate from the newspaper.

Each group will assemble its articles in a newspaper-type format for presentation orally or as a Power Point Presentation.  One team member will be the presenter. 

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