Teaching Idea Tutorial
Getting Started
General Information
Supporting Files
Objectives & Procedures
General Information
Note:  General Information is the only category required for a Teaching Idea.  Other categories may be filled out if you wish.  
Help Buttons  
1.  Click on bluebutton located next to General Information
2.  You will see required buttonlocated on the right hand side of the section.  By moving your mouse over
     this button, you will see everything that is required to be filled out in this section. There   
     are also smaller buttons next to each category that is required.
3.  You will see multiple info button buttons on the page.  By clicking on the info buttonbutton located on the
     top right hand side of the section, a description of what General Information consists of.
4.  Click on the smaller info button buttons located next to Lesson Title and Description for detailed
     information about those sections.

Subject Areas
1.  Click on green arrownext to Subject Areas to show the subject areas.
2.  Notice when the subject areas appear, there are some that have a add button next to
     them and others have a green arrownext to them.
3.  If a appears, click on it to see the subcategories related to the subject.  
4.  When you have found the subject you would like to use, click the add.
5.  Scroll down to the bottom of the list and you will see the added subject.
6.  To hide the list, simply click the next to subject areas.

1.   Click on green arrownext to Grades to show grade levels.
2.  Notice when the grade levels appear, there is green arrow.
3.  Click on for the grade level your idea is intended for.
4.  When you have found the correct grade level, click the add.
5.  Scroll down to the bottom of the list and you will see the added grade.
6.  To hide the list, simply click the next to Grades.

 Lesson Title & Description
1.  Click on the info buttonnext to Teaching Idea Title & Description for a detailed explanation of each
2.  Fill in the boxes next to each category.
3.  Once you have completed all the information, click

Review for Completeness
1.  Once you have saved your information, the box next to General Information will turn
2.  Review your information, make necessary changes, then click on the yellow box when
    you are finished.
3.  A blue check mark will appear in the box which signifies this section is complete.   
4.  Click on the to hide General Information.
5.  At this time, you may choose to submit your teaching idea or continue on to add more
6.  To submit your Teaching Idea at this time, click on the submit button on the tutorial

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