Murder! Mystery and Mayhem in the Library
Project Task
Research Process

This is a map of the Senior High School Library.  There are over 18,000 books and 900 movies housed in the library. 



Task #1:

Look at the library map.  There are three main areas or classrooms within the library.  Write down their names below:

 1. ________________________________________

 2. ________________________________________


What area of the library are you in right now?  ___________________________________



 Task #2:

On your library treasure map, locate the following by circling the item.

1.  Atlas
2. Dictionaries
3. Circulation Desk
4. Newspapers/Magazines
5. Printers
6. Nemo the fish

Task #3:

 Find the following information:

1.      What is the name of the dictionary on the dictionary stand?

2.    On what page in the atlas is Transylvania located on?

3.    Name one thing that is done at the circulation desk.

4.    Give the name of one set of encyclopedias the library has other than World Book Encyclopedia.




 The library contains fiction, non-fiction, reference, and biography sections.  These are labeled with yellow arrows on the map below: 







 In order to find the evidence to solve the mystery, you must find books on your topic.




 Task #4:

 Open up the OPAC (On-line Public Access Catalog) by clicking on the following icon located on the desktop of your computer.





Search for itmes with "murder" in the title by typing in "murder" in the title box of the OPAC search screen and press the search button as seen below:   



  Notice there were only 28 items found in the library with the word "murder" in the title. 

To get more information, try searching again but for items about murder by typing in "murder" in the subject box and press the search button as seen below:




Notice there are 128 items found in the library about "murder".  Here is an example of three of those items that were found as shown in the search results screen below:



  Notice the following within the search results screen:

 1.  The square

Green = the item is available
Red = the item is out

2.  Item Type

There are pictures that represent what the item is:  The types are books, videos, DVDs, cassette tapes, and vertical files.

3.  Call Number

This grouping of letters and numbers shows where the item is physically located in the library.  Think of it as the address of where the item lives.

4.  Information about the item

This section gives the title of the item, the author, and publishing information. 


Task #5

By looking at the "murder" search results screen, answer the following questions:


1.  Who is the author of the book "The trial of Sacco and Vanzetti"?

2.  What year was the book "The O.J. Simpson trial: what it shows us about our legal system" published in?

3.  What is the call number of the book written by Joan Axelrod-Contrada?


 Understanding Call Numbers

The call number shows where the item is located in the library.  There are different formats of call numbers based on the type of item.  Each type is shown below with an example:

Task #6:

If a book were written about you what would the call number look like?


Task #7:

With your group, use the OPAC system to find one book from each category listed below that has something to do with your topic:

 1.  Fiction

2. Non-fiction

3. Reference

4.  Biography

Bring your books along with with OPAC printout of the book to the circulation desk when you are finished searching.

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