The Holocaust
Research Task
Important People
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Arrival of Jews into the Theresienstadt Ghetto.
Click Here For The Sounds of the Ghetto

Part I

You will be responsible for researching a topic relevant to the Holocaust.  Your research needs to be on either an individual, event, or location that played a major role in this time in history.

Begin this project by doing some general research using the links on the information search page.  Once you have chosen your specific topic, you need to create an essay about the topic and some general background information leading to why your topic is important.

All citations should be made using MLA format. (For help with this go to

Essay Rules:

1) The essay must be ten pages long.

2) The essay must be typed.

3) Spelling is important. There must be two rough drafts where errors can be corrected.

4) All work must be cited.

5) The essay must include at least five wriiten references & five Internet references. The final essay must also include at least three photos.

Part II

Students will be placed in groups. Each group will be given the task of chosing one example of Jewish culture or any culture that was persecuted by the Nazi Party (Poles, Gypsies, ect) and giving a presentation to the rest of the class celebrating this culture. Be Creative! This can include acting, a web demonstration, or hosting a traditional Jewish Dinner, or even dancing (Polish  or gypsy folk dances).

1) The group must come up with the idea and present a one page written proposal to the teacher. Once this idea is approved the students will create the presentation.

2) The students will then give the presentation

3) The students will rate the other members of their group with a rating sheet provided by the teacher and submit them.

4) Each group will hand in one three page paper listing what the group has learned from the presentation.



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