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Research Task

TASK #2 


Let's look at this scenario...


For example, let's say that you selected teacher as your career and in one of the spaces on your brainstorming worksheet wrote salary, because you're interested in finding out how much money a teacher makes.


If you go on the Web and in the search box type salary, using a search engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, etc.), then the results will be very broad.  In other words if you just type salary, then you will get a lot of results that may or may not relate to a teacher's salary. If you type in teacher salary, then you will narrow the search results substantially.  You may choose to narrow the results even further by typing in teacher salary New York.  This example shows how you can broaden a search or, if you want to find something more specific, narrow a search.


Think about this scenario when you create your keywords that relate to your specific career. 


You are now ready to proceed to Task #3. 

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