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Handouts and Other Support Materials


Handouts can be any print support material that you give to your students in conjunction with your lesson or unit. If you wish to share your handouts with other educators along with your lesson plan, you can do so by uploading them to S.O.S. for Information Literacy. S.O.S. can accept most document types (e.g, Word, RTF, etc.). You may also create a handout especially for other educators to provide them with additional information on your lesson topic, for example. As was discussed in the previous media sections, try and keep file size down by compressing the photo/image elements that are contained within your handout(s).


Other Supporting Files


You can also use other media to support your lesson plan. If you have software that can convert your text documents to PDF files (Portable Document Format), you can upload those files to S.O.S. along with your lesson plan in the Supporting Files area of the lesson plan submission form. When you convert your text document to a PDF file, you are assured that all your formatting will remain the same regardless of which word processing application other educators are using. If formatting within your document (i.e., handout) is important, you might want to consider converting it to a PDF file.

You can also upload brief audio clips to S.O.S. Try and keep your audio file size(s) to less than 200K each.

And, you can even upload Excel documents if they are relevant to your lesson plan or help to describe your lesson to other educators.

Finally, you can upload video clips to S.O.S. but we will save that much larger topic for the next item on the Media Development Topics menu!

You have now completed the tips section on Handouts and Other Support Media that you can upload to S.O.S.S.O.S. for Information Literacy! Once your handouts and other supporting files (also including photos or PowerPoint presentations) are ready, you can upload all of them with your lesson plan to S.O.S. for Information Literacy!





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