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The Year in Review: Creating a Library Handbook (Video)
This "in-action" video captures a lesson in which students practice the knowledge and skills they learned in the library throughout the year by planning and researching a Library Handbook to be used by next year's incoming students. Students are enthusiastic about the assignment. It is an excellent example of collaboration between the LMS and the classroom teacher. Collaborators include Maxine Rappaport, LMS, Nina Fallone, classroom teacher, and Susan Slinker, library paraprofessional. This activity integrates many information skills including planning, location and access, organizing, and presentation with language arts including writing. Students work in groups. The video clip features 3rd grade children but this project could be modified for older students, as well. VIEW THE VIDEO.

Type of Video: In Action
File Size: 9.5 MB (requires high speed connection and several minutes to download)
Length: 5:19

Audio Transcript: YES (see Supporting Files)
Closed Captioning: YES
Goals & Objectives:
Materials & Sources:
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