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Circus Time: Making Predictions Using Our Senses
Children practice making predictions using their five senses prior to going on a trip to the circus. Later they creating a check list and circus senses' book from the items they fulfilled on their checklist.
Goals & Objectives:
Students will be able to work with a partner to make predictions on what they will see, hear, touch, taste and smell at the circus.  They will create a check list of items.  They will  evaluate their list and create a circus book based on their predictions using their senses.
Materials & Sources:

Access to internet, books, and magazines 

Check list template

Construction paper, glue, sissors, crayons, and pencils  



  1. Discuss with your partner what you know about the circus.  If you need to find out more information, use other resources (books,internet) to find out more. 
  2. Complete the check list making predictions about the circus based on your senses.
  3. Go to the circus.
  4. Review your check list highlighting all the predictions that came true.
  5. With your partner, create a book using construction paper of all the  senses you used at the circus and fulfilled on your check list.  Each page of your book should reflect one of the senses. 
  6. You may draw or cut out pictures to create your book.
  7. Be creative and have fun.
  8. Share with the class your book.

A 3-point rubric:

3-Check list is complete and appropriate items are placed in correct sense column. Complete book of five pages(included sense and circus picture representations and labels for pictures.
2-Incomplete checklist and/or book.
1-No predictions made and book is not complete.
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