An Artistic Exploration

Presented by: Megan Stasak

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Students in this collaborative lesson will explore and learn about an artist of their choice. Students will use their research skills to collect interesting facts about their artist's life, the period in which she or he worked and the genre classification in which the artist worked. While gathering print and electronic resources, students will learn how to evaluate the validity of each source. Using their chosen resources, their understanding of the art style, and personal creativity students will produce a technology focused final project.

Goals & Objectives:

Instructional Goals:

  1. Students will successfully retrieve, choose, and evaluate resources about their chosen artist.
  2. Students will become familiar with research methods used to find and evaluate multiple resource formats (print and non-print media).
  3. Students will use technology to synthesis information gathered about their artist in order create their final projects.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Students will use the OPAC to locate two print resources and complete work sheet one.
  2. Students will use the Internet to locate two online resources and complete work sheet one.
  3. Students will use the LMC databases to locate two academic articles and complete work sheet one.
  4. Students will use library computers, technology and software to create a podcast, digital poster, or photo essay for their final project.


Motivational Goals:

  1. To generate interest in the research process, artists, and art movements.
  2. To motivate students to use new technology formats and skills after the lesson.
  3. For students to gain confidence in their ability to gather and evaluate information resources.


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See attached lesson plan in Supporting Files

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