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You, a Rocket Scientist!
5th and 6th grade science teacher and SLMS will work together on unit. Unit is meant to further the students' knowledge of the scientific process by creating their own science project. The information skills of performing research, writing a research paper, and correctly citing sources (at an elementary level) will be used. Students will come up with a scientific question for which they can research and create an experiment. Students will create an oral and visual presentation for the class.
Goals & Objectives:

Instructional Goals:

  1. Students will access information effectively and efficiently.
  2. Students will present information in a prescribed format.
  3. Students will demonstrate the scientific process through experimentation.
  4. Students will appropriately interact as a learning community through listening and asking questions.

Learning Objectives:


  1. Students will successfully locate at least one book and at least one web site on their topic.
  2. Students will produce a 500-700 word report on their topic complete with a cover, table of contents, hypothesis, outline, question, introduction, body, and experiment write-up.
  3. Students will create a working model of their experiment.
  4. Students will present 3-5 minutes to the class about their project.  This presentation will include a demonstration of the working model.
  5. Students will actively participate in the presentations by asking at least 10 questions of other presenters (in total – not 10 of each presenter!)


Motivational Goals:

  1.  To generate interest in the scientific process.
  2.  To build student confidence in long-term projects.
  3. To motivate students to continually question the world around them.
Materials & Sources:
see attached   
see attached
Learning Assessment Method(s):
� Observation internet searching
� Observation of book locating techniques
� Bibliography
� Report
� Presentation
School Library Media Specialist and 5th/6th Grade Science Teacher
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Presented By: Heather Davidson
Collaborative: School Library Media Specialist and 5th/6th Grade Science Teacher
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