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What is a million? Really!
As part of the students research on animals, the T-L will give the students a lesson on internet searching, databases, and citation basics. Students will compare the results from a Google search and the results from a search on one of the library databases. The T-L will choose search terms to ensure that students will see more than 1 million results when using Google for animal research.
Goals & Objectives:

Instructional Goals:

1.      Students will learn the difference between using a database and Google for a research project.

2.      Students will learn the basics about providing citations when doing research.

3.      Students will become an expert on an animal of their choice.


Learning Objectives: 

1.      Second grade students will be able to list 2 reasons why a database is better than Google when doing research.

2.      Second grade students will provide one citation for every resource they use when gathering research information.

3.      Second grade students will use an on-line database to find at least 5 facts about their animal in order to complete a worksheet.


Motivational Goals:

1.      To build students’ confidence in their ability to conduct research using the proper tools.

2.      To encourage the importance of learning information skills and to motivate students to use these skills in their everyday life.

3.      To promote students’ satisfaction with their research achievements.


Materials & Sources:
See attached lesson plan in Supporting Files.
See attached lesson plan in Supporting Files.
See attached lesson plan in Supporting Files.
Teacher-Librarian and 2nd Grade Teacher
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Presented By: Deborah Mchugh
Collaborative: Teacher-Librarian and 2nd Grade Teacher
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