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Adopt a Book Project
Content Topic:
Adopt a Book Project
This is an independent novel project taught in conjunction with the classroom English teacher. Students select a book that has never been checked out of the library and then choose 1 of 3 ways to market it to their fellow classmates, including designing a new book jacket, making a poster, or producing a book trailer. If a student’s book is poor, they may choose instead to complete a discard recommendation.
Collaboration Potential:
English teacher
Total Estimated Time:
45 minutes
Suggested Number Of Sessions:
  • Books that have never been checked out of the library
  • Computer with Internet access & projector for PowerPoint presentation
  • Animoto video created by TL (
  • Circulation software that lets you run a report of titles never checked out of the library
Instruction / Activities:

Direct Instruction:

·         TL asks students to brainstorm a list of techniques they use when deciding which books to check out. (See SM1_Adoptabook.)

·         As a class, discuss their answers.  Answers usually include: looking at the cover, recommendations from friends, length of the book, etc.

·         Show a brief Animoto (or other) video showcasing books that have never been checked out of the library with the song “I’m So Lonely,” by Akon. Discuss what is unappealing about these books – usually an ugly cover, old-fashioned looking, too long, etc. (See SM2_Adoptabook.)

·         Introduce the project and explain the goal. Preview each of the project options (book jacket, poster, or book trailer), and discuss some aspects of the different ideas. (See supporting material, SM3_Adoptabook)


Modeling and Guided Practice:

·         TL models how to locate the Cataloging in Publication (C.I.P.) summary, and talk about how this is another strategy for selecting books. Students practice finding the C.I.P. in a book.


Independent Practice:

·         Students perform a “speed dating” activity. TL divides lonely books onto six different tables. Students spend 1 minute and 30 seconds per table. At each table students review as many books as possible and create a list of interesting titles. Students practice a variety of selection techniques, including C.I.P., to evaluate books. When the buzzer sounds, students rotate. (See SM1_adoptabook.)

·         At the conclusion of the activity, students rank their list of books from most interesting to least interesting.

·         TL draws student names out of a hat – when their name is chosen, they pick a book and check it out.


Sharing and Reflecting:

·         Once students check out a book, they predict, which type of marketing strategy they’ll use for their books, and explain why they think that strategy is most appropriate. (See SM1_adoptabook.)

·         TL polls the class to find out how many students are doing each project.

·         TL checks book circulation at the end of the marking period to award bonus points.


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