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Dewey Decimal System Review
Content Topic:
Research, media literacy, technology
Students review library organization and the Dewey Decimal System, fill out a research guide, and create a presentation (PowerPoint or other similar program) on the computer to show their knowledge.
Collaboration Potential:
Classroom teacher
Total Estimated Time:
4 hours
Suggested Number Of Sessions:
  • Books in non-fiction section of library.
  • Presentation software (i.e. Microsoft PowerPoint or Tech4Learning’s Pixie) installed onto student computers
  • Headsets with microphones (for recording scripts)
  • “Searching the Stacks worksheet (SM1)
  • “Dewey Matching” worksheet (SM2)
  • Dewey Decimal review research guide (SM3)
  • Rubric (SM4)
Instruction / Activities:

Direct Instruction:


  • TL opens lesson by asking students to review how the library is organized (Everybody section, Fiction section, Biography section, and Non-Fiction section). Have students complete the “Searching the Stacks” (SM1) worksheet and discuss as a group. The TL then asks why the Non-fiction section is organized by numbers and hands out “Dewey Matching” sheets (SM2).  Students work in partners to complete.

·         Mid-way through the project (approximately the 4th lesson), TL does a lesson on how to create a presentation in the chosen software (Microsoft PowerPoint, Tech4Learning’s Pixie, or other similar program).


Modeling and Guided Practice:

  • At 2nd meeting, discuss what students learned while they completed “Dewey Matching” sheets. TL hands out Dewey Decimal Research Guide (SM3) and goes over requirements, specifically how to determine sub-categories by looking at titles within a range of ten numbers. TL models by completing an example.  Students begin to fill out research guide independently.
  • At 3rd meeting, TL hands out rubrics and goes over thoroughly. Students continue filling out research guide.


Independent Practice:


  • During the next several lessons, students complete their research guides and presentations. Included in the presentation should be the recording of the scripts written in the research guide.


Sharing and Reflecting:


  • When all are finished, have a group sharing time.
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