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Are you curious about what a buILder is and why you would use one? If so, you have come to right place!  Sit back, relax and as you navigate your way through this page you will discover exactly what a buILder is, why you may want to create one, and most importantly, how to design your very own.
Maybe you are thinking that this looks incredibly complicated to create and some computer geek must have made this site.  Actually, this page was designed by an educator for other educators.  Your designer/educator/buILder guide is me, Aubrey Munson, and I do not know much about computers or building web-sites and I was able to create this fairly easily.  The moral of the story is, YOU can create your own buILder.  Just read through this web-site, written in plain English, and you WILL surprise yourself by being able to create your own amazing buILder! Good luck and do not give up!!

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