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Creating Special Effects with Words: An introduction to the short stories of Edgar Allan Poe
Travel to 1809
Vincent by Tim Burton
Poe Short Stories
Creating Special Effects with Words
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To begin, let's take some time to meet Mr. Edgar Allan Poe. 

While it is hard to imagine a time without

scary stories to make us shiver and shake,

it was Edgar Allan Poe, born in 1809, who started it all.



Click on the links below to visit The Poe Museum.


Summary of Poe's Life  Here is where you can read a brief biography of Mr. Poe.



Timeline  Take a moment to see what political and historical events shaped the time when Poe lived.


v Pen & Pencil

    Compile a list of facts, factors and events from Poe's life that you think influenced his literary obsession with horror/mystery/madness.  Click here to download a helpful worksheet for your notes.










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