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Creating Special Effects with Words: An introduction to the short stories of Edgar Allan Poe
Travel to 1809
Vincent by Tim Burton
Poe Short Stories
Creating Special Effects with Words
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Remembering that we owe it all to Mr.Poe, let's take a look at a short film by

Tim Burton (the director of The Corpse Bride and the Nightmare Before Christmas)

entitled: "Vincent". 


It is about a young boy who wants to be Vincent Price,

 an actor who made his reputation starring in horror films,

many of which were based on the short stories of Edgar Allan Poe, 

Vincent Price narrates this 6 minute annimated film.


Click on the title of Burton's movie, and watch the film two times. 

The first time just take it all in. 

The second time,


      v Pen & Pencil

 Make a list of the things you think set an unsettling, scary tone.

Click here to download another helpful worksheet.

This one will assist you in organizing your observations

about horror, terror and madness.



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