How to Review an S.O.S. Lesson Plan, Teaching Idea or buILder
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Getting Started


Account Space 

As a reviewer you will have an account space from which you will review. This account is separate from other accounts that you may have for creating and submitting. The reviewer account will have a separate login and password. Be sure to keep track of all your SOS login information.

Each submission is evaluted by two reviewers. You will be part of a review team. You will be able to send comments to or see comments from the the other reviewer. You will review submission in your grade level and subjects of interest.

Once you login you will see a welcome screen shown below.

Welcome Screen

To change your password or account information click on the arrow next to my Account. Then click on Edit Account. Be sure to save the changes you make.

Account managment screen


Questions or comments? Contact DataMomentum team for general information.