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Project Task 

You will work in groups of two or three to determine the characteristics used by birdwatchers to identify the birds they see.  After researching identification methods, each team will become experts on a bird species that is found in New York State.  Groups will select a bird from a pre-determined list.  Each group will be responsible for learning how to identify their particular bird by sight and, if possible, sound.

We will be making a library book with the information that you compile so be sure and use this checklist to keep track of what you need to do next.

  1. Research methods of identifying birds.
  2. Choose a bird from the list provided and let the teacher know which one you chose.
  3. Research ways to identify the bird you chose.
  4. Using Microsoft Word, type up the identifying characteristics of your bird. 
  5. Either create an illustration of your bird, or find a free image of your bird to include with your Word document.
  6. Include a list of resources that were used to find your information, including where you found your bird call.


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