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  Woah!  Did you see that bird fly by?  I wonder what type it was! 

You are about to become amateur bird-watchers.   Every year people all over the United States and Canada work together to complete The Great Backyard Bird Count; this year you and your teacher are going to contribute data to The Great Backyard Bird Count.  In order to provide accurate data, you need to become amateur birdwatchers.

To become an amateur birdwatcher you need to be able to answer the following questions:

  1. What features need to be evaluated in order to determine the proper identity of a bird species? 
  2. What are the features that would help you identify your chosen bird species?

Over the next few library periods you are going to be doing research on birds and their distinguishing characteristics. Your research will be completed by using the links provided in this lesson. If you would like to use another resource, please ask first!


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