Dewey Decimal Detectives
Dewey Decimal System
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Teacher will introduce the Dewey Decimal System to the students.

Teacher will go through the 10 Dewey Decimal sections, by number, and will teach the students what subjects fall within each call number category.   The teacher will show pictures that go along with subjects in each category, and will explain how the pictures match the subject of the book.

Teacher will show students a spine label and explain how the Dewey Decimal call number is on top and that this is the number that they look for in the shelves.  

Teacher will then explain how each book also has the first 3 letters of the author's last name, and these letters are under the call number.  Teacher will explain that when the student goes to the call number for the book they want, the book will be placed in that section by alphabetically by the author's last name. 

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