Read and Rant: Reading and Publishing Book Reviews Online


Picture of two books sticking out of a backpack
Step 1: Read at least three book reviews online.  You will find links to the different pages you can use under Resources. 



Step 2: Also under Resources you will find some questions to answer about the reviews you read.  You will be handing this in to your teacher, so please answer neatly on a sheet of loose-leaf paper. 


Step 3: write your own one paragraph book review for a book you read for independent reading.


Step 4: Share your book review with a partner and get feedback.  Questions to think about:

  • Does the review tell you enough about the book so you know what it's about, without giving too much detail?

  • Does the review make you want to read the book?

  • Is the spelling and grammar correct?


Step 5: Submit your review to the teacher or librarian so they can look it over.  You need the teacher's approval before you can move to Step 6.  


Step 6: Post your book review to YA Book Central.  Follow the directions under Posting Your Review. 


 Look under Wrap-Up for instructions on the last step and your chance to win fame and glory....



Posting Your Review
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