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Digging Deep Into Poetry
Information Task
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For this lesson you are going to be using electronic resources to get biographical and historical information about the lives of poets you've chosen and the time period during which they lived.
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Your mission will be to make connections between the information you find and the poetry they wrote.
Essential questions:
1. Did personal or historical events in these poets' lives inspire their writing? If so, how?
2. Can you see the influences of this in their writing? Give examples.
1. Gather at least 3 facts about your poets' life or world you feel are relevant, connected to or reflected in the poet's work based on the questions you have about your poet.
2. Make sure to record where you got your information (cite using MLA style). 
*You may work in groups with other students who are investigating the same poet. 

Questions or comments? Contact DataMomentum team for general information.