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Digging Deep Into Poetry
Information Task
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Now it's time to investigate! For each of your poets you will find links to web sites with information and pictures. It is your job to figure out what made these poets tick!
Remember to cite your sources...
If a citation is not provided. You can copy and past the information you need and paste it into a word document, print it out at the end of the activity and staple it to your paper. Be sure to number them and write the number in the resource citation box next to the facts you collected from that resource so that when you are done you know exactly which resources you got your information from.

You will need to gather the following information in order to cite your sources:

  • Title of the article
  • Author
  • Publishing company
  • PublisherDate of publication
  • URL (website address)
  • Date of access (today’s date)

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