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Digging Deep Into Poetry
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Image of quill pen writing:

Image of open book:
Image of woman writing:
Image of man writing:
Image of computer screen:
Picture of Sonia Sanchez:
Picture of Langston Hughes:
Picture of Emma Lararus:
Picture of Walt Whitman:
Picture of Phyllis Wheatley:
Resouce Links for Sonia Sanchez:
Resource links for Langston Hughes:
Resource Links for Emma Lazarus:
Resource Links for Walt Whitman: 
Resource Links for Phyllis Wheatley:
Resource Links for Music & Sound Effects:
Pen writing sound effect:
Music for Sonia Sanchez "Funky Dan" composed by Scott P. Schreer
Music for Langston Hughes "One For Bill" composed by Pete Calandra Composed by:Pete Calandra
Music for Emma Lazarus "Rag Time Player Pine appletag" Shiny Dime Music ASCAP
Music for Walt Whitman "Willie We Have Missed You" composed by Stephen Foster
Music for Phyllis Wheatley "Kugadza  Umambo"



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