Creepy crawlies: out of this world!
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Your mission today is this:

Find the COOLEST creepy crawlie.                   

Of course, it would take too long for each of you to research all of the insects.  Instead, you will work in teams of two, as researchers on a bigger team.  Your leader has assigned you each three insects to research.  You must read about each insect and decide which one is the coolest.  You must make this decision based upon the facts that you read about each insect.

When you are done, you will report back to your fellow Lolatians.  You will tell them which of the three insects that you chose, and why.  You will listen carefully to the others' presentations.  You will then all vote on which creepy crawly most deserves to return to Lola with you.

Better hurry!   You don't have much time before your spaceship returns to its planet.


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