Creepy crawlies: out of this world!
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If you'd like, print out this page of directions...

Step 1 

Go to the Searchasaurus database by clicking the navigation menu link (on the left.) 

Step 2

Click on the link that says "Encyclopedia of animals" (EBSCO animals). 

Step 3

Type your insect's name into the search box and click "search".

Step 4

Click on the result.  An encyclopedia article about your insect will open.

Step 5

Print the article.

Step 6

Repeat the process for your other two assigned insects.

 Step 7

Evaluate the articles, looking for cool facts.  When you see facts that are even the slightest bit cool, highlight them.

Step 8  

After reading all of the articles, decide which insect is the coolest. Base your decisions upon the facts in the article. (Note: You might already know a cool fact about one of your crawlies.  For this task, you must forget about it!  {At least temporarily.} You should base your final decision on the facts in your articles, not the ones in your head!)

Step 9

Now it's time to create your poster!  Click on the link called "poster outline" and print it. Fill in the blanks on the page with the appropriate information.

Step 10

Using the completed poster outline, create your poster, using the supplies in your classroom.  

Step 11

Remember, it is important to cite your sources.  In this case, your sources were the online encyclopedia articles that you used. Please go to the navigation link called "How to cite" for directions on how to do this. When done, please tape reference list to the back of your poster.

Step 12

Go to the "assessment" link and follow the instructions for completing the assessment.

Step 13


  Go to the "closing thoughts" link.

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