Creepy crawlies: out of this world!
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...Click here to hear a tree cricket from Arizona...

For this research task, you will use the Kids Search database to find three different articles about three different insects.  These insects have been assigned to you by your leader.

You will also create a poster on the insect that you choose.  The poster will include basic information about the insect, as well as any cool facts that you find.  You will create the poster using the poster outline as a guide.

Next, you will write a reference list of works cited, which you should tape to the back of your poster.  You will also complete an assessment.

Finally, you will present your poster to your teammates.

Before you begin, think about the research task you are about to do, and then go to the "Quick Quiz" link on the left.

When you finish the Quick Quiz, you are ready to start.  Click on the "Directions" link on your left.



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