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Remember, you used the “Searchasaurus” database to get to the “Encyclopedia of animals.”  The Encyclopedia of Animals is an online encyclopedia.  Here is the format of a citation for an online encyclopedia: 

Author of article (if available.) "Name of article." Name of database, Name of Encyclopedia. Date that you found the article Day Month Year. site or database>.

 You might want to begin by listing the information like this: 

(I have completed this for an article that I found in the Encyclopedia of Animals.)


Author of article (if available):  None

Name of article:  Epauletted fruit bat

Name of site or database: Searchasaurus database

Name of encyclopedia: Encyclopedia of Animals

Date that you found the article - Day Month Year: 22 March 2006



Here’s what it looks like in its final form:


“Epauletted fruit bat.”  Searchasaurus database, Encyclopedia of

     Animals.  22 March 2006 <>.


 Note: Before you begin, think for a moment about what parts of your citation will be the same as mine, and what parts will be different.




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