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American money


You must pick a budget amount.  


Your budget must be between $8,000.00 and $13,500.00.


Your monthly budget for gas may not be more than $100.00 ($25.00 per week).


Lots of books.

You must find the top three car choices for you according to information found within three different information sources.  Two information sources may be electronic and one must be in print.


Red chrysler neon.


You may only pick one car for purchase (even if you figure out a way to purchase two cars).  The car must be new.  You must evaluate your information carefully and pick the best car to fit your budget situation and personal needs.  You will have to defend your final choice by citing information from the sources you used.



You will design a Power Point Presentation.  The presentation will have at least one slide devoted to each of your three top choices.  There will be an image of the car on the slide and at least three researched reasons explaining why you considered it.  The final slide in the presentation will picture the car you chose to buy with at least five researched reasons describing why you chose this car over the other two.  


All image sources must be cited.  All car information sources must be cited. 


*BONUS:  If you chat up an expert and cite the interview, you will earn up to TWO extra points!*





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