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"Third ya gotta look inside a book,

  Chat up an expert, give a PC a look!" 

+ + brand new daewoo car =


So, now you are ready to begin gathering information by using your resource idea sheet.  Browse the sources you choose to use and take notes on the information that answers your questions.  When you are browsing, look for helpful headings within Websites and articles that can direct you to exactly what you need.  For example, a heading like, "Gas Mileage and Small Cars" would be very useful when trying to find out the gas mileage of small cars.  When looking in books don't forget your two best friends: the table of contents and the index!  



Click on "THIRD AND FOURTH" to activate the drop down menu.  The entry on this drop down menu is a table that you may print and use to record your notes.  Remember, record notes in your own words that answer your questions.  If you choose to note a direct quote from a source, put quotations around it so you will remember that the notes are written in someone else's words.  Also, record information about the source that you are using so you will be able to cite it accurately later.  




Books: author(s) last and first name(s), title, year of publication, name of publisher, publication location, pages


Magazines: author(s) last and first name(s), title of article, name of the magazine, date of the magazine, pages


Webpage: author(s) last and first name(s), title of the page, name of the Website, date of last update, date accessed, the URL (address of the Webpage) 


Personal Interview: last and first name of person interviewed, full date of interview (month, day and year)


Newspaper: last and first name of author, title of the article, name of the newspaper, date of the newspaper, section and pages.


These are a few of the more common sources that are cited.  If you use a source and you are unsure of what to record, ask your friendly school library media specialist or try this handy online citition tool called "EasyBib."   It will ask you for certain bits of information depending on the source you are using.  The bits of information that are asked for are what you will need to record in your table.


Questions or comments? Contact DataMomentum team for general information.