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Instructional Goals, Learning Objectives and Motivational Goals:


Instructional Goals:

1. Students will learn a rap about and be able to apply the Big6tm research steps.

2. Students will be able to find and use different information resources.

3. Students will be able to narrow down information.

4. Students will compare and contrast information in order to come up with a single choice  

    based on an analysis of the information. 

5. Students will present information and be able to defend their choice based on their   


6. Students will cite information sources and images.

7. Students will be able to reflect on the research process and product.


Learning Objectives:

1. Students will be able to recite the "Six Tips to Keep on Hand" and effectively apply each

    of the couplets in order to go through the research process and produce a Power Point

    presentation as the end product of that process.    

2. Students will find a minimum of three sources of information (2 electronic and one in

    print).  Optionally, students with a need for high achievement may seek out a personal

    interview with an expert as a bonus source of information.

3. Students will narrow their information for inclusion to 3 cars for possible purchase

    and be able to cite three researched reasons for these cars being considered. 

4. Students will make a decision on 1 car that they would purchase and give 5

    researched reasons for the choice.

5. Students will create a Power Point Presentation that meets the 5 critical areas specified

    on the rubric.

6. Students will cite all sources of information including images, interviews and text.

7. Students will answer 3 questions concerning their research process and product and discuss these answers in the classroom setting.


Motivational Goals:

1. Students will discover that research can be fun as they learn the rap and successfully

    complete each simplified step of the process.

2. Students will become confident at using the Big6tm steps to do research.

3. Students will realize that research is a valuable skill that can be useful in real life

    situations that are interesting and relevant.

4. Students will gain satisfaction in producing an information presentation that concludes in

    a well-researched consumer decision that they can defend. 

5. Students will become inspired to use research as a tool for making consumer decisions  

    in their personal lives.





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