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1. Books: Check your school library's online catalog (OPAC)  

    accessible from your school library's homepage.


2. Magazines and Newspapers: Check your school library's

    collection or visit the public library.


3. Online databases: Check your school library's home page for   

    this. You may need a password to use it.  Some school library's

    allow access from home if you remember the password.  Here   

    are the names of some databases you might find really useful:


    *Ebsco Primary Search

         *Ebsco Host Masterfile Select

    *Thomson Gale Custom Newspapers


     What other database resources do you find that may be helpful?


     It is helpful to read the descriptions of the databases to get a  

     feel for what types of materials they contain.  For example, a

     database described as containing information about authors

     and classic literature probably would not be very helpful to

      someone trying to find out information about brand new cars,

     right? However, a database described as containing consumer

     reports might be really useful. 


     Check what your school has to offer.  You may want to give

     your public library's Website a look, too.  Often times they list

     the databases they have available and if you type in your library

     card number you can access their databases from home (or

     even while at school). 



 4. Internet Websites:  Does your school library site offer any

     recommendations for search engines?  These can be helpful,



           Ask for Kids : Gives teen-friendly search results.

     Awesome Library : Has a collection of sites that are carefully

     reviewed and apt to be trustworthy.

     AOL@school : Gives plenty of teen-friendly results and you can

     search for results that are best for students at your grade level.

           Also, you may want to try these links to reliable automobile   



     Kelley Blue Book Online: offers lots of information about brand

     new vehicles.  Check the upper right hand corner of the site for 

     information about new cars. : another site with information about brand new

     vehicles.  Check the left hand corner for new car info.


      You can also try the official Websites of automobile makers to

            get pricing and gas mileage information.  Chevrolet may be a

      good site to begin with for this project.




Here are some words and terms that may be helpful when searching on the OPAC or using other search engines:

automobile(s)         Ford                        consumer reports
vehicle(s)               Nissan                     new car

gas mileage           fuel efficient             auto prices


These will get you started.  Can you think of any other words or terms that might be helpful when searching for the questions you have listed on your question sheet?  List any you can think of before you hit the search engines and you will be able to locate what you need faster!


For easy reference, this information may be printed out and looked at whenever it is needed.  The links to search engines and Websites do work- just click on them while you are online. Laughing














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